Secret Fortnite teaser hints that Season 5 is about to start – what we know so far


FORTNITE has dropped a huge hint that a major story change in on the way.

The latest Season 5 update added new voice lines to the game’s NPCs that suggest something foreboding is on the horizon.

Fortnite has dropped a huge hint that a major story change in on the way

Based on their dialogue, It sounds like the impending event will revolve around the Zero Point.

Fortnite typically ends each season with a bang, previously obliterating parts of the map with a black hole and even a giant supervillain.

It appears Season 5 will end in similar fashion after new voice lines were dolled out to the NPCs Bunker Jonesy, Deadfire, and Mancake.

Following the latest Fortnite patch, released last week, the characters now natter about what sounds like an epic season finale.

Fortnite typically ends each season with an epic event

A lot of these NPCs are based near the Zero Point, a Storyline Object in Battle Royale that seems to be the centre of reality in the Universe.

This has led players to speculate that the big season-ending event takes place around – or heavily involves – the Zero Point.

Following the update, if you approach Deadfire, he says: “Mysterious things have been happening ’round these parts.”

Bunker Jonesy, on the other hand, says: “Here it comes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Similarly, Mancake says: “Was that thing always so… unstable?”

It remains unclear precisely when Season 5 will end.

Based on the releases of prior seasons and the date listed on the Epic Games website, players can expect Season 6 to begin sometime during the week of March 15, 2021.

Season 6 will likely bring about big changes to the map layout, as well as new weapons.

Players can also expect new character crossovers with popular TV and film franchises.

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