Secret GTA 6 ‘release date LEAKED’ after eagle-eyed fans spot job listing


GRAND Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games has excited fans with a new job listing.

A recent leak suggested the new game would be announced at a GTA Online Remastered live event.

Rockstar looking for Live Events Coordinator: does that mean that this leak about GTA6 being announced on live events is true? from GTA6

The new job advert is fanning the flames of this rumour.

GTA 6 has not been officially announced so fans are relying on unverified leaks and rumours for information.

Back in May, a rumour started to spread that a GTA live event would be used to announce the new game.

Some fans were quick to dismiss this but now Rockstar Games is looking for a Live Events Coordinator.

Rockstar hasn’t officially confirmed GTA 6

Reddit user r/GTA6 posted a link to the job advert and said: “Rockstar looking for Live Events Coordinator: does that mean that this leak about GTA6 being announced on live events is true?.”

The job advert says the desired candidate “will be responsible for executing all in-game marketing campaigns for Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online.

“This is a full-time, permanent position based in our Soho, Manhattan studio.”

As with all leaks and rumours, we’ll have to await for official word from Rockstar before GTA 6 can be confirmed.

Grand Theft Auto 6 – what is it?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the rumoured followup to GTA V, which has sold more than 90million copies and made an estimated £5billion since its 2013 release.

Creator Rockstar Games has yet to acknowledge it’s making another GTA game, but it’s safe to assume one is in the works.

The game largely remains a mystery, but details are steadily trickling out ahead of the big reveal.

In May last year, details about GTA 6 allegedly surfaced online.

A purported former employee of Rockstar leaked apparent info about the game, including the names of the main characters.

In it, the anonymous poster claimed the hotly-anticipated game’s map will mirror the one in GTA San Andreas, with three major cities and one smaller town.

However, it will apparently be larger than the maps of both Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA:V) and Rockstar cowboy shooter Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) combined.

Players will follow four main characters through the game’s story mode, the poster said.

It’s going to be tough to follow the hugely successful GTA 5

They include a driver called Walther Wallace, a man named Thomas Branigan with a smuggling plane called “the Raven” and a drug dealer named Marcus Burke.

An unnamed former Israeli IDF agenct was also mentioned in the post.

Missions in the game allegedly won’t be as linear as in GTA:V or RDR2.

Gun mechanics and the the hand-to-hand combat system will be more like RDR2’s, the poster claimed.

Apparently, the game will be set in the 1980s but will later jump to modern times – an unusual narrative choice for the franchise.

According to a lengthy post on Reddit the new game is code-named Project Americas, and has been in development in some form since 2012, a year before GTA 5 launched.

It’s been on-and-off since then, the post says, first picking up properly in 2015 before being put on ice while all of Rockstar’s global studios focused on the final details of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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