Sex and video games are combining and the possibilities are ‘infinite’, expert claims


DIGITAL porn stars, virtual reality headsets and video game related sex toys are all on the rise.

According to a report by Kokatu, these factors are all playing in role in virtual sex becoming more “sophisticated” and increasing in popularity.

Projekt Melody is a popular digital porn star who has a YouTube channel

Sex Toy software creator Kyle Machulis told Kokatu: “The amount of immersion you get when strapping TVs to your head is already massive, so putting vibrators and whatnot all over your body while you strap TVs to your head is the obvious next step.

“There are VR games like Virt-A-Mate, Heat, and others that provide complex interactive scenes with hardware support”

The concept of combining video games and sex tech isn’t a new one but the market that links the two together is growing.

Kokatu suggests VR sex is the new frontier and highlights the popularity of digital porn stars like Projekt Melody.

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Projekt Melody isn’t just on adult websites, the cartoon character appears on the mainstream platform of YouTube.

The digital porn star has over 500,000 YouTUbe subscribers and her videos get thousands of views and likes.

Kokatu also mentions the popularity of gamers playing multiplayer games while all wearing sex toys that correspond to the game.

Despite the suggestion this is becoming more common, the stigma of sex and gaming is also mentioned.

Ana Valens, editorial strategist at The Mary Sue and video game creator, told Kokatu: “Sexuality in gaming is a very complicated topic.

“There’s a lot of stigma attached despite sexual content being an enormous part of gaming fandom.

“My advice is to take things slowly, go at the pace that feels comfortable to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment when you’re ready.”

Sex tech experts recently told HOAR that sex in the metaverse is a possibility and humans may soon wear exoskeletons to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Daniel Goldin, vice president at adult site Dreamcam, spoke to HOAR about a new exoskeleton technology called Dreamtouch.

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He said: “The exoskeleton connects to VR gloves that activate your sensory nerves through innovative, high-speed tech.

“This sends electrical signals across your body to give you a smooth, real-time experience, all in VR.”

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