Shadow Mewtwo returns this week in Pokémon Go


THIS week in Pokémon Go is jam-packed full of rare Pokémon to catch and challenges to enjoy.

We’re still deep in the Greedy Gluttons event from last week, and more is on the horizon.

Five new shadow Pokemon are coming this week.

Rocket Takeovers are here, bringing with them a chance to catch a very powerful Pokémon.

To find out everything that’s happening in Pokémon Go this week — November 14, to November 20, 2022 — then read below.

Shadow Mewtwo enters the Rocket Takeover

This week’s Rocket Takeover will start on Monday, November 14, at 12am local time.

Shadow Mewtwo will be appearing as the conclusion to the Greedy Gluttons event, taking place from Monday to Thursday.

If you battle Giovanni on one of these days, you will be given the chance to catch his Shadow Mewtwo.

Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra will have all new teams, and there are five new Shadow Pokémon being added to the roster.

There will also be a Special Research task, and Shiny Pawniard is being added.

Electric Soldier Porygon takes the Spotlight

This week Spotlight Hour will take place on Tuesday, November 15, from 6pm local time.

More Porygon will appear during this hour, and the Shiny rate will receive a significant boost.

Each Pokémon caught during the event will receive double candy, including those that are not Porygon.

Guzzlord returns to Raid Hour

Raid Hour will take place this week on Wednesday, November 16, from 6pm local time.

Guzzlord is back for the second week in a row as the five-star Raid boss.

It will appear in all gyms during this hour, and it will be the final time we see him for a while, so make sure you snag one.

Master League and Element Cup Remix come to the Go Battle League

The Battle League will change on Thursday, November 17, at 8pm UK Time.

At this time, the Master League will take over the Ultra League in the standard slot, allowing any Pokémon to enter.

The Element Cup Remix will be the special league this week.

Pokémon must have a max CP of 500 to enter, and only Fire-, Water-, or Grass-type Pokémon are allowed to participate.

Four Pokémon of these types will not be allowed to enter, namely Chinchou, Cottonee, Ducklett, and Salandit.

Safari Zone heads to Singapore

Safari Zone will take place this week starting Friday, November 18, at 12pm local time.

Players will be able to take part in the Safari Zone event from Friday to Sunday, between 12pm and 6pm.

Bonuses and special spawns will appear at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at these times.

Dressed-up Pikachu will be available in the wild, and the Mega-Latis will appear in Mega Raids.

The rest of the world can also appreciate bonuses during this time.

Written by Marco Wutz and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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