Sick scalpers selling £319 Nintendo Switch OLED for £700 in launch day rush


WELL, it’s happening already. The new Nintendo Switch OLED has released and scalpers are flipping it on eBay.

Stock of the new console is selling out fast, but as retailers run out, auction sites are filling up.

Nintendo Switch OLED in travel case
Nintendo Switch OLED prices skyrocket on eBay

Scalpers list Nintendo Switch OLED on eBay

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The Nintendo Switch OLED retails for £309.99 / $349.99, compared to the original Switch‘s £259.99 / $299.99 price tag.

But prices are skyrocketing on eBay right now as scalpers snap up stock and relist the console for double the retail price, if not more.

People are losing their minds and it’s the PS5 and Xbox Series X situation all over again.

There’s even a butter knife being listed as a Switch OLED with a £686 price tag. A butter knife.

The highest price for an actual console at the time of writing is £734 / $999.95.

One such listing is for the standalone Nintendo Switch OLED while another throws in an amiibo and extra pair of Joy-Cons.

It’s mad that the scalper debacle over Sony and Microsoft’s newest console hasn’t resulted in more stringent regulations.

Retailers have introduced various measures to tackle them, but reselling sites are like the wild west.

As tempting as it may be, don’t cave in and pay over the odds for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

We don’t know if the console will be facing the same supply shortages that the PS5 and Xbox Series X did.

But we do know that as Sony started distributing more consoles to retailers (no doubt helped by the PS5 redesign) scalpers couldn’t get away with inflated prices anymore.

If you’re desperate for the new Switch model and it’s all sold out, just sit tight.

Retailers are already notifying customers of impending restocks dropping as soon as next week.

The scalpers are going to have to drop the price of the console as long as it’s available to buy elsewhere or no one’s buying from them. Stay strong!

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