Sims 4 ‘incest bug’ makes characters want to date their dads


SIMS 4 has introduced a bug in the latest patch which makes sims want to kiss and/or date family members.

The newest expansion pack, High School Years, has added a number of features to the base game.

EA has introduced a number of romance options in updates

However, EA has also added a few of the features from the expansion pack into the main game.

One of these is that players can now enable an option which lets their sims’ body hair grow out, which you can then shave or maintain.

The other is the introduction of the ‘Wants and Fears’ system, which allows players to keep their sims happy.

Completing some of their Wants and avoiding their Fears will make it easier to maintain your sims’ happiness.

However, a bug has been occurring with the Wants and Fears system which has an unintended consequence.

One of the sims’ common wants is to kiss or date their sim crush.

However, the game decides crushes based on how close the sim is to another, and the person they are closest to is often a member of their family.

This means that sims frequently express their desire to kiss or date other members of their family.

They are still unable to actually engage in these activities, as the programming does not allow romance options between family members.

EA is aware of the bug and is already working on a way to fix it.

On Twitter a member of EA’s live operations team addressed the issues.

He said: “I just wanted to acknowledge that the ‘Want’ to date a family member is something we know about, we’ve reproduced ourselves, we’re working on it.

“We’re looking to get it fixed ASAP, thanks for all the bug reports, we appreciate it. We’re of course working on the aging bug too.”

The aging bug occurs when players choose either a long or short lifespan for their sims.

However, this has the side effect of making all other sims in the game age immediately.

A new update should fix both issues shortly.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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