Sony ‘accidentally leaks image’ of a THIRD new PS5 – and it looks even better than the first two


SONY has already unveiled two slick, white PlayStation 5 models – but a top-secret third version may be in the works.

An image of a stunning black-and-red PS5 has turned up online, and may be an official Sony document.

The image seemingly shows a third new version of the PS5

The next-gen console was announced earlier this year in two versions.

There’s the PS5 proper, and a second, cheaper version with no disc tray.

Both models come in white, but there’s increasing speculation that a more traditional black version on the way.

A post to gaming fan site ResetEra seemingly reveals Sony marketing materials showing off a new PlayStation model.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 comes in two different versions, one of which is a ‘Digital Edition’

Both confirmed PS5 consoles are white with blue trimmings

The image, posted by user BarrBarr, looks like a poster advertising several Sony products – including a camera, earbuds and the Sony Xperia 1 II smartphone.

But the image also depicts a PlayStation 5 in a brand new colour pattern: black and red.

“Not sure where to post this,” BarrBarr’s post read.

“But at work we have just received a promo picture that shows a black and red PS5.”

The console is largely dark with a red trim, in contrast to the white-and-blue PS5.

Sony hasn’t confirmed that any such console edition exists.

And it’s entirely possible that the photo is a total hoax.

But PlayStation’s design boss Matt MacLauri previously said gamers can “count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions” going forward.

Sony would need to offer a black DualSense controller to rival the white PS5 joypad

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X already comes in black

In any case, PlayStation fans replying to the post were enamoured with the gadget.

One said: “God, that looks amazing.”

And another added: “Here’s really really wishing for it to be real.”

Sony is expected to release the PS5 for sale later in the year, likely around October or November.

It will be competing directly with Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X, also expected to launch at a similar time.

In other news, a PlayStation fan has created an “all black” PS5 that disappointed gamers think looks much better than the real thing.

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