Splinterlands guide: How to make money in the play-to-earn crypto game


SPLINTERLANDS is a popular trading card game that allows players to battle monsters in exchange for rewards.

So, let’s dive into how to play Splinterlands, and how to start earning money.

Splinterlands allows you to earn rewards which you can trade and sell

How does Splinterlands work?

Splinterlands is either played on a web browser or on your mobile phone.

As a play-to-earn game, every card that you obtain is an NFT (non-fungible token) which becomes your property that you can sell in the marketplace for money.

Meaning everything you earn in the game is worth something.

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the in-game token, can be earned by winning battles, selling cards, or other in-game activities.

The gameplay is focused on battle preparation. You select your Summoner, build your army, and watch them duke it out for supremacy.

You do not issue any controls once the battle begins and cannot impact the results in any way. 

In the game, you can earn DEC for various in-game activities.

The main way to earn DEC is to win battles. Each battle awards DEC based on your level, your opponent’s level, and your capture rate.

The capture rate will decrease as you win which lowers your reward, but it slowly refills between wins.

Another prime way to acquire DEC is by selling cards. You will be paid out in DEC for any card sales, even if the buyer pays with credits.

Higher-level cards are more valuable.

Once you’ve accumulated a hearty amount of DEC, you can withdraw to a few different blockchains.

Expanding your army collection is pivotal in Splinterlands. There are three ways to acquire new cards and build your army:

  1. Buy packs. There is always a pack sale going on. You may use credits, which are purchased with PayPal or crypto, to buy packs. You may also use your DEC to purchase packs. 
  2. Aftermarket. There is a built-in market that allows players to buy and sell cards. You can typically find the exact card that you’re after, but you may have to wait for exceedingly rare cards.
  3. Chests. You are rewarded chest for completing daily quests and reaching higher leagues. Chests can contain cards, packs, DEC, and potions used when opening packs.

The key to success in Splinterlands is continually learning, growing, trying new things, and clicking on that ‘Battle’ button. 

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