Stray: All plant locations and how to get the Plant Badge


EVERYTHING can be a collectable in Stray, even flowers.

The exploration game, available now on PlayStation and PC via Steam, has you go on a short and sweet adventure as a cat across a strange world.

These plants are in hard-to-reach places.

Along the way, you’ll find all sorts of oddities. Everything from music sheets, to vital Energy Drinks can be found around the world.

In Antvillage, there are three items in particular that you’ll want to get for yourself.

There are three different types of coloured plants scattered throughout Antvillage, one red, one purple, and one yellow.

You’ll need to find them and deliver them to Malo the gardener. We’ll tell you where to find each plant.

Red plant location – Stray

For this one, you’ll have to get real low, below the village. You can take the bucket to get lowered down to this area.

There is a path of items for you to jump across, and at the end is a little island with two robots on it.

Hop up onto the sofa and take a look at the nearby tree. The red plant is waiting for you there.

Purple plant location – Stray

You’ll need to look for some robots playing Mahjong. Wander around that platform ad you’ll see a tree branch coming out of the floor.

Hop up onto that tree branch and wander all the way to the end for the purple plant.

Yellow plant location – Stray

Once again, start at the Mahjong robots, only this time head up two ladders. At this high point in the village, you should see a ramen stand.

Walk around the edge of the balcony and you’ll see a small pipe going around the building.

Jump onto this pipe and follow it a short distance for the yellow plant.

How to get the Plant Badge – Stray

To get your reward, you need to take all three plants to Malo, who lives at the very top of Antvillage.

Hand them over and you’ll be rewarded with the cute Plant Badge item as a thank you.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.


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