Tech experts claim your PS5 could be at risk


TECH experts have found a design flaw in the PS5 that could put your console at risk.

Repair shop owners have been taking to social media to warn PlayStation owners of a common issue found to break PS5s.

Doing this could harm your PS5.

As reported by Metro, storing your console vertically, one of the methods Sony suggests, can cause fatal errors in the hardware.

The issue concerns the console’s cooling system. The PS5 has only small vents at the bottom of the system to keep it from overheating.

This can be compared to the Xbox Series X, where the entire top of the console is a cooling vent.

In order to compensate for the size of the vent, the PS5 has a cooling unit inside the console that uses liquid metal.

According to experts, this metal can leak out when the PS5 is stored vertically.

Not only does this affect the system’s cooling, but it can also leak onto other components and prevent them from working.

If it short circuits another unit in the console, then the whole system will stop working.

It’s not too late if you are a vertical user. If you switch your console to the horizontal position it will be saved from further damage.

The issue has been spotted in both the disc-based and digital-only consoles, but it is believed the vibration of the disc drive could make the problem worse.

This is not the first time that PS5 owners have reported issues with storing their consoles vertically.

There is a secret screw in the PS5’s stand, which helps attach it to the console. This can make it difficult to figure out how to attach it correctly.

As the vent is on the bottom of the system, not attaching the stand properly can lead to the system overheating.

Attaching the stand and laying the console flat are the best ways to improve the life of your PS5.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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