Technoblade cancer death updates — Minecraft adds touching tribute to Java Edition honoring the late gamer


TECHNOBLADE’S legacy continues to live on in Minecraft after a special update on the launch screen.

The late gamer was known for playing the game as a pig wearing a crown and a red top.

A special pig with a crown can now be seen in the launcher for the Java Edition of the game.

Minecraft server Hypixel created a special “Memorial Guide” inside the lobby of the game where players can leave messages for Technoblade’s family.

For a month, fans and friends can leave messages before they’re all printed out and given to the family.

On June 30, Technoblade posted one final YouTube video post titled “So long nerds” in which his father shared the tragic news of his son’s passing after a sarcoma cancer battle.

“Hello everyone, Technoblade here,” the message began. “If you’re watching this. I am dead.”

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