The best games of 2022 for each genre


THE sun is setting on 2022, and it’s been a cracking one for everyone who loves video games.

Whatever genre of game you are into, there’s been something for everyone this year, and we’re hoping 2023 stacks up.

Elden Ring won Game of the Year at The Game Awards.

If you’re not sure what to play over the holiday period, we’ve got a few choices to consider.

Here’s our favourite games of each genre that were released in 2022.

Best action game of 2022 – God of War Ragnarӧk

Runner up – Bayonetta 3

In terms of pure combat and over-the-top action, Bayonetta 3 definitely has the edge, but Ragnarӧk is a more well-rounded package.

It feels like two games in one. An epic tale that carries out over 50 glorious hours that somehow feel like 10.

Ragnarӧk improves on every part of the original, and made us care more than ever before.

Best RPG of 2022 – Elden Ring

Runner up – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Despite coming from the same genre, there is almost nothing similar about the two sprawling open-worlds.

Elden Ring takes the edge for being perhaps the most ambitious RPG to date, giving more approachable combat options than ever before.

The one thing the two do have in common, is that you will quickly lose a hundred hours of your life and not even be mad.

Best strategy game of 2022 – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Runner up – Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy pays homage to classic 90’s turn-based RPGs, whereas Marvel’s Midnight Suns feels like a mix of traditional strategy with deck building, and a Fire Emblem-style relationship system.

Both were designed by experts in the industry, but Midnight Suns gets the edge by creating the best Marvel game hands down.

It does each hero justice by giving each unique skill a chance to shine, with surprisingly complex game play.

Best horror game of 2022 – Signalis 

Runner up – Chaos; Head Noah

Signalis starts off as an homage to classic survival horror games, but it morphs into something far more special as the game goes on. 

While we loved the mix of fantasy and reality of Chaos; Head, nothing warped our expectations quite like Signalis.

Named after the radio signals you have to tune into and interpret, there’s a lot of smart puzzle design, an amazing story, and some nostalgic combat waiting for you if you take the plunge. 

Best indie game of 2022 – Cult of the Lamb

Runner up – Stray

While we will always gush over any game that allows you to play as a cat, Cult of the Lamb just had an interesting complexity we couldn’t forget.

Blending roguelite elements with a base-building game where you grow a cult and sacrifice your followers to the old gods is a stroke of genius. 

From setting out the beliefs of your doctrine to cleaning up poop, you’re tasked with maintaining every aspect of your flock, and we just couldn’t get enough.

Best shooter of 2022 – Metal: Hellsinger 

Runner up – Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is a whole lot of fun, but it only improves on the classic Splatoon formula.

Metal: Hellsinger gave us something we’ve never seen before, a demon whose soul is filled with music and fury.

Sitting somewhere between Devil May Cry and Doom, Metal: Hellsinger asks you to battle to the beat and features tracks from metal legends.

Best remaster/remake of 2022 – The Last of Us Part 1

Runner up – The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

This one was too close to call, as The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe adds more to any game than we’ve ever seen in a remake.

But The Last of Us is a better base, and the graphical upgrades lend more weight to the emotional scenes. 

You may not need to play it again, but if you haven’t revisited it since playing Part 2, then this will bring a whole new outlook on the sequel.

Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.