The biggest changes coming to FIFA 23 in the latest patch


FIFA 23’s developer EA Sports has announced the patch notes for all the changes coming to the game.

Among them are big changes for the computer-controlled AI, which many players have found unfair.

New updates have brought big changes to all FIFA 23 game modes.

There are also a number of quality-of-life improvements that players are sure to enjoy.

Here are the biggest changes coming to FIFA 23 in the latest patch.

Goalkeepers are more on the ball

A number of players have had problems with the AI-controlled goalkeepers since FIFA 23’s launch.

Sometimes they reacted with lightning-quick reflexes during a penalty which felt unfair.

This impossibly high-speed reaction has now been improved.

On the other hand, goalkeepers were missing a number of shots which were directed straight at them. They will now be able to save these easy shots

Improved tactical play for higher difficulty

Players who enjoyed the challenge of Pro, World Class or Legendary difficulty were struggling a lot in FIFA 23.

Even the most seasoned players were complaining that the computer-controlled players were impossible to beat on the most difficult setting.

The AI has been adjusted to be “more likely to play a direct tactical style”.

In theory, this will mean that it is easier to anticipate the AI and effectively plan your strategy to counter it.

Quality of life changes for FIFA Ultimate Team

A number of changes have been added to FUT, meaning that pack opening is more streamlined.

Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions rewards have had the pack opening animations removed.

Several of the screens that appear before FUT moments have been removed, making the experience faster.

Player Item’s Secondary Positions will also be seen on the top left of the screen, a change fans have asked for.

Managers in Career Mode make better decisions

While admittedly very funny, there was a fairly serious issue with managers in Career Mode.

The computer-controlled managers sometimes sold off more players than they bought, meaning that occasionally there wasn’t enough for a full team.

That’s been fixed now, so all of the managers, including yours, shouldn’t end up selling you all short.

Referees have improved again

Since release, players have complained of referees making some questionable choices when it comes to calling fouls.

While some of these were already fixed, EA has implemented more changes in the latest patch.

They are now better at calling fouls inside the box, and they will no longer call off a match in extra time if there’s a three-goal difference.

Fouls are less likely to be called during a block, or when a defender wins a ball, and a foul against a goalkeeper will now result in an advantage for the team.

For all the changes made in the latest patch, visit the official website.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.