The Devil In Me preview — An interactive tale of true crime


THE Devil In Me is the upcoming entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, by the same studio behind Until Dawn and The Quarry.

It’s the fourth in the series of shorter horror games which started with The Man of Medan in 2019.

The Devil In Me is shaping up to be the series’ best.

Every year since then a new game releases in the series, including 2020’s Little Hope, and 2021’s House of Ashes.

Now it’s The Devil In Me’s turn, just as the sun sets on 2022.

It’s not necessary to play the three other games in The Dark Pictures Anthology in order to enjoy the fourth, but you might be glad you did. 

While each story is unique and self-contained, they all follow a similar formula of decision-making, mystery and quick-time events.

The Devil In Me is based on the true story of 1800s serial killer H. H. Holmes, who lied so much that it is almost impossible to tell which murders he actually commited.

He is most famous for his “murder castle”, a hotel that was alleged to have secret rooms filled with torture devices, though it is likely they never existed.

Like all of Supermassive Games, the characters are shot with motion capture, but this has given them a blank, uncanny valley-style expression which can be distracting.

The control scheme from Little Hope and House of Ashes returns, if you’re familiar with it.

Characters walk around, pick up objects and search for clues, while experiencing odd premonitions.

New to this game are the tools that are unique to the characters. One has a card that can unlock doors, and another a stick for reaching high places.

Playing just the first hour, it’s unclear whether a character’s survival will hinge on the use of another’s tool, but it’s a nice addition that gives everyone a place on the team.

The main horror in this one seems to stem from faceless mannequins or creepy animatronics and dolls, which fits in with the uncanny expressions of the characters.

The audio design is solid, as you must listen to the direction sounds come from in order to avoid danger.

All of the sounds, from footsteps to tears, add up to create the right haunted house ambience.

As the final chapter in this season of the anthology, the Curator returns, and we will likely see the climax to his story here.

Whether or not H.H. Holmes’ traps were real, they are very much alive in The Devil In Me, filling the game with the dread and horror the series is known for.

It looks more promising in environment than the other games before it and looks to be a truly horrifying experience.

The Devil In Me launches worldwide on November 18, 2022, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.

Written by Junior Miyai and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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