The Last of Us Remake: All the safe combination codes


IF you’re playing The Last of Us Remake – called The Last of Us Part 1 – then you might have noticed a difference from the original.

While the original had the safes open simply after you found the paper containing the code, the remake makes you enter the code by hand.

The new graphics stun in The Last of Us Part 1.

This is a pain if you’ve forgotten what the slip said, or if you can’t find it at all.

If you’re looking for The Last of Us codes, you’re in the right place. Find them below.

Safe 1 – The Outskirts

In the underground you’ll encounter a bunch of clickers and infected, which you’ll have to sneak past or take out.

As you enter, there’s a shop on the left that has the combination code in a drawer.

Once you have that, go to the safe which is on the opposite side of the shop.

Combination: 3-43-78

Safe 2 – Bill’s Town

On the right side of one of the main streets you will find a safe next to a truck.

The code for it can be found on one of the barricades at the end of the street on a piece of paper hooked on some barbed wire.

Combination: 5-17-21

Safe 3 – Pittsburgh Hotel

On the right of the reception when you enter the hotel is this safe.

Move the ladder to where Ellie is, climb up and shimmy to the right instead of going upstairs, to find the slip with the code.

Combination: 22-10-56

Safe 4 – Suburbs 

After the sewer escape you can find the fourth and final safe in a house in the town where you see the two wild dogs.

The code can be found on top of a matchbook on the upper floor of the same building.

Combination: 8-21-36

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF


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