Three PS5 hacks you need to learn right now – including easy performance boost

Riga, Latvia - November 23 2020: PlayStation 5 Sony reveals PS5 console and games. Dualsense controller

THE PlayStation 5 is packed with tonnes of useful features – although the consoles are still tricky to get hold of.

The latest PlayStation was released in November 2020 and some people are still struggling to get their hands on one.

More than 17.3million PS5 consoles have been sold

For those who have managed to bag one – well done! – here are three essential hacks you should give a go.

Unlock performance boost

Did you know you can set specific performance modes for each game?

This means, if you prefer higher frame rates you can choose it for that game.

It’s all within the Game Presets feature, where you can also select the difficulty level you want for each title as well.

To access it, go to Settings, followed by Save Data.

Hit Game/App Settings and you’ll see the Game Presets section.

Make sure you’re playing a PS5 version of a game and not the PS4 one

If you’ve accidentally got the PS4 version of a game installed, you can change this to the PS5 to get the full power of the console.

A logo next to the game on the home screen indicates which version of the game you have.

To upgrade one to PS5, go to your library and you should see an option to download it.

Move PS4 games to external hard drive

An external hard drive is a must if you’ve got a load of PS4 games and need the space locally.

You can offload them onto your hard drive by going to Settings, followed by Storage.

Select Console Storage, followed by the Games and Apps tag.

Choose the Items You Can Move tag and the games you want to transfer.

Once you’ve decided, finish by hitting Move.

PS5 was released in November 2020