Top ten Fortnite skins to help you stand out in the Battle Royale


FORTNITE skins are a personal choice, but with so many Vegetas and John Cenas running around, it can be hard to see who you are.

V-Bucks are a limited resource, and you want to make sure you spend yours wisely.

One of the more inventive Fortnite skins.

Of course, outfits are a subjective choice, but these are the ones that stood out to us.

We’ve tried to avoid the most popular skins and stuck to ones that are flashy, but less often seen in the battle royale.

Here’s our list of the top ten outfits in Fortnite:

10. Eco

As part of Chapter 2 Season 6, Eco was introduced as a homage to Fortnite’s original map.

For players who have been with the game since the start, this outfit leaves a soft, warm place in their hearts.

The map has never returned, but Eco gives us hope that one day it’ll be back.

9. Jellie

Jellie was originally released as part of the Fish Food set in Chapter 2 Season 1, and appears often on the in-game store.

We just love the way our boneless friend holds sniper rifles like an absolute savage, despite its happy face.

The singular boot, probably pulled up from the ocean itself, is the icing on the jelly.

8. Xenomorph

Ridley is cool and all, but the Xenomorph introduced in Chapter 2 Season 5 is a standout favourite.

It appears in the store just a few times a year, so you’ll have to keep an eye out to snag this one.

If you want to strike fear into your enemies with more than just your building skill and weaponry, Xenomorph is the outfit for you.

7. A Goat

From fearsome to friendly, A Goat is a new outfit introduced in Chapter 3 Season 4 as part of a Goat Simulator 3 collaboration.

Those who pre-order the game will get this one for free, and it will come to the shop November 26.

This outfit is as kooky as the game itself with silly ragdoll style movement.

6. KAWS Skeleton

Introduced in Chapter 2 Season 8, the KAWS Skeleton outfit is a collaboration with artist Brian Donnelly.

This is another that pops up in the store regularly, and in a selection of neon colours.

Like A Goat, we love the sad, slumped over posture that looks so out of place in the world of Fortnite.

5. Midas

One of the more difficult outfits to get, Midas was a reward for reaching level 100 on the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass.

While no longer available, we had to include Midas for his handsome looks and solid gold skin.

If you don’t have a Midas outfit yourself, just learn to appreciate it every time it passes by.

4. Mecha Team Leader

First appearing in Chapter 2 Season 9, Mecha Team Leader just screams Fortnite outfit.

Brightly coloured with a burger for a leg and a strawberry for an arm, no outfit suits the game better.

This is another frequent friend of the store so keep a look out for this lad.

3. Ariana Grande

This skin was first released in Chapter 2 Season 7, to coincide with the pop star’s in-game concert.

Over 10million people entered the game to watch Ariana sing live, and then bought one of her many costumed skins.

She doesn’t come cheap, but we’re pleased to say you can pick up Ms Grande from the store.

2. Starfire

Coming in a little bit cheaper than the large Ariana, Starfire was introduced in Chapter 3 Season 1.

A member of the teen titans, Starfire has never looked cooler than when she is in Fortnite.

She’s also available in the store if you are willing the shell out the V-bucks.

1. Spider-Man

Another superhero entering the scene in Chapter 3 Season 1, Spider-Man swung to the top of this list for his sheer number of costume changes.

Whether you want to look like Tom Holland, or wear his monochrome symbiote suit, Spidey has you covered.

These were available as Battle Pass rewards, but they also come up in Epic Games promotions too.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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