Tower of Fantasy: All Gold and Black Nuclei locations


GOLD and Black Nuclei are the currency in Tower of Fantasy, which is used to redeem players via the in-game gacha system.

The rarest Nuclei, Red Nuclei, are only available in exchange for other currencies, such as Dark Crystals.

How to find Gold and Black Nuclei.

These are the most common ways to gain rare and powerful SSR characters.

Gold Nuclei still have a chance to drop SSR characters when traded in for Special Orders.

You are guaranteed at least one SSR for every 80 Gold Nuclei you use.

Black Nuclei are far more common but they only allow you to collect the more common SR characters.

Still, you want to collect all the characters possible to take on Astra.

Where can you find Gold and Black Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy?

Red locations can have either type.

We have split the map of Astra in two so that it is easier to read.

The red stars mark points on the map where either Gold or Black Nuclei can be found. 

Which one you get is random, but you are more likely to find Black Nuclei in these locations.

These areas are interactable locations such as Tar Pits or Kerosene Plants.

The yellow stars guarantee a Gold Nucleus to spawn.

However, these are in more dangerous locations such as in the middle of Strongholds, or hidden in hard to reach locations.

Caches will also earn you Nuclei and these are randomly scattered around the island.

If you see one in the distance, make sure that you head over.

Purple Caches – Type 1 – will give you a Black Nucleus, and a Gold Cache – Type 2 – will grant you a Gold Nucleus and a number of Dark Crystals.

You can trade in 1500 Dark Crystals for ten chances at the Red Nuclei cache, so it’s well worth saving up.

If you are going hunting for Nuclei, we recommend carrying a flame weapon with you.

This will help you gather items from certain locations faster.

Some locations take time to spawn a Nucleus, so if you can’t find one move on and come back later.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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