Town Star guide: How to get started in the play-to-earn crypto game


TOWN Star is one of Gala Games stable of play-to-earn (P2E) titles and providing you rank on the leaderboards, you can start making money.

The browser-based farming simulator lets you grow crops, build a town, and trade items to earn points.

Town Star lets you earn GALA coin if you join the weekly server
Farm crops and gather resources to earn points to travel up the leaderboard

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But for now, let’s dive into how to play Town Star, and how to start earning money.

How does Town Star work?

Town Star is browser-based, and free-to-play, so all you need to do to get started is create an account.

There are two servers available: Weekly Competition, and Free. Neither of them cost anything, but one is a free play experience and the other is where you go to earn GALA coins.

The weekly server resets each week meaning everyone starts with a clean slate the following week.

The weekly competition starts every Tuesday at 9am ET / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT.

It ends on Sundays at 12am ET / 5am GMT, which is 9pm PT on a Saturday.

The monthly server resets every month, and similarly, all of the towns get wiped out to start afresh.

Practicing in the Free server allows you get to grips with the basics and try your hand at creating a successful town.

You can scrap your town and start over at any time on both servers, and while that might sound counterintuitive, you need to learn to be ruthless.

If your town isn’t up to scratch and isn’t producing goods you can sell to earn points, then it’s best to start over, rather than wasting time trying to salvage a lost cause.

When you feel like you’re ready to compete, you can simply change servers and opt for the Weekly Competition.

The game is set up so that it’s one town per player, and while you can have one town in each server, you can’t play both at the same time.

How to earn money in Town Star

The only way to earn money if to make it into the top 100 on the weekly leader board.

GALA Coin rewards are handed out according to player rank, decreasing in value the lower your rank is.

The current GALA reward structure for player rank is as follows:

  • 1: 5,500
  • 2: 4,000
  • 3: 3,000
  • 4-10: 2,000
  • 11-20: 1,300
  • 21-50: 1,00
  • 51-100: 800
  • 101-200: 400
  • 201-300: 300
  • 301-400: 200

At the time of writing, one GALA coin is equivalent to £0.39 / $0.52, so that’s £2,171 / $2,860 for ranking first. You can figure out the rest!

Rewards will be set to players’ Treasure Chest after the weekly tournament wraps.

You can also play-to-earn with TownCoin, which rolled out in September.

TownCoin is a P2E reward token that is earned from playing with NFTS, while Node operators receive it as a reward for operating their Founder’s Node.

How to play Town Star

You’re going to need to create a Gala Games account if you want to earn rewards in Town Star.

Choose either the Weekly Competition or Free server and hit ‘join’. I recommend you start off in the Free server to get a feel for things.

Choose a location

Town Star will present you with a world map and you can choose where to build your town.

You’ll need to take into account things like the surrounding town and how close you are to the nearest city.

There are three types of location that offer their own pros and cons: Desert, Forest, and Plains.

Town Star objective

Your job is to produce resources by growing crops and combining materials into goods.

These are sold to cities, allowing you to earn Stars (or points). You can’t earn points any other way.

There are tricks you can use to make things easier, like planting crops close to water so that your farmer doesn’t need to manually water them.

Access the Trade Depot when you’re ready to sell and start collecting points.

The more points you have, the higher your rank in the Weekly Competition, so practicing to figure out the most efficient farming methods before going in is really helpful.

Town Star basics

Your farm has a roster of employees all needing wages. They include a farmer, rancher, lumberjack, and builder.

If you need a building constructed, for example, the lumberjack will chop down tree and the builder gather and delivery the materials.

You need to build the workers’ respective houses, which you can do as and when you need them.

Storage and space are key, as all of those resources need to be stashed away somewhere.

Considering the layout of your town as it grows is something you’ll need to take into consideration because of this.

On top of wood, employees, wages, and storage, you also need gas to deliver and sell your goods to cities.

NFTs come into play by giving bonuses like completing jobs faster, adding extra storage, or assisting with production.

That also ties into the P2E aspect mentioned earlier, incentivising players to utilise their NFTs in the game.

With that, you should be ready to make a start in Town Star before honing your town building skills and trying to crack the leader board.

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