Ultimate Wordle challenge ‘Quordle’ asks fans to solve FOUR puzzles at once – and everyone is saying the same thing


PUZZLE lovers are united in their horror at taking on a new version of the popular Wordle game with a wild four-way twist.

Wordle fans have been blown away by the tougher challenge, which sees people take on four words instead of one at the same time.

Word of wonders

Quordle applies the same principles as Wordle – a five letter word, with each letter changing green if it’s in the right place or yellow if it’s included in the word but not in the right place.

Wordle has become an internet sensation, so much so it was quickly snapped up by the New York Times.

But now word puzzle enthusiasts taking on this harder spin-off, sharing memes on social media to show their brains in overload.

“I have transcended the Wordle,” one player said. “I am the Quordle.”

“Heart stopping drama!,” another described it.

“Hear me me now, believe me later: #Quordle is NOT your little friend,” a tweeter fan added.

“Don’t start this. Don’t do it.”

Despite the added pressure, some are managing to complete the puzzle – though admit it wasn’t easy.

The game’s popularity has grown so much that it was even trending on Twitter.

And some are prepared to give up on Wordle completely.

“Saw daily Quordle trending, tried it and now I have a headache,” one joked.

“Wanted to see why Quordle was trending y’all are insane that made my brain hurt,” another said.

But others are fed up with all the word gaming buzz recently and have revealed that they’ve muted the word ‘Quordle’ so they don’t hear anymore about it.

People are going wild for Quordle

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