Upcoming Stars Wars game plot leaked — and it might have been on purpose


DETAILS about the plot of upcoming narrative Star Wars game Eclipse have been leaked online, and the rumour is that the studio did so intentionally.

The developer Quantic Dream previously developed narrative games such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain.

Only a few screenshots from Eclipse have been released.

However, despite these successes, the studio is finding it difficult to attract new developers to work on Star Wars: Eclipse.

This is apparently due to a number of cases held against the company, including accusations of a toxic work culture and of financial malpractice.

According to Insider Gaming, the information about the upcoming game’s plot was leaked intentionally by the company.

This was apparently done in order to increase interest in the community and to attract new developers to the project.

Details were supposedly initially leaked to a gaming podcast, and have since spread around the internet.

The upcoming game will supposedly feature a lead character called Sarah who is around 30 years old.

A new race will also reportedly be added, known as the Zaraan, who pride themselves on political and military aggression.

The story is rumoured to surround Sarah and her partner Xendo, who does not agree with the violent handling of political issues.

David Cage, who wrote and directed Quantic Dream’s most popular games, is apparently “very much involved” with the upcoming game.

However, he is also alleged to be one of the main perpetrators of harassment at the studio.

This includes alleged homophobic and sexist behaviour.

Star Wars: Eclipse is supposedly many years from completion, as production hasn’t yet started on the project.

The earliest date predicted for release is not until 2026.

GLHF has reached out to Quantic Dream for comment and has not had a response at the time of writing.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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