Valheim weapon tier list: Best weapons in the game and how to get them


STILL getting stomped by Greylings in Valheim? It’s time to upgrade your arsenal.

We’ve put together a list of the very best weapons in Valheim to boost your Viking’s combat heft.

Bag yourself a powerful weapon and lay waste to enemies

Weapons in Valheim – how do they work?

Weapons are an essential part of Valheim.

Without them, you’ll find it almost impossible to progress through the game.

And as you explore farther and encounter tougher enemies, you’ll need to acquire even better weapons.

Most weapons you’ll obtain are made through crafting.

However, it is possible to loot some damaging items, most commonly arrows.

There are lots of different weapon types, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best item for the job.

Wielding Frostner will strike fear into the hearts of your foes

Best one-hander

One-handers have the huge advantage of letting you also equip a shield.

The ability to block (and parry if you’re using a smaller shield) can save you against fearsome foes like the Deathsquito.

In terms of best out-and-out damage, the Porcupine club is probably the best one-hander.

It gives you 95 damage, 50 blunt and 45 pierce.

To craft it, you’ll need five Fine Wood, 20 Iron, five Needle and 10 Linen Thread – plus a level four Forge.

Perhaps easier to make and similarly powerful is Frostner.

This one-handed club also offers 95 damage, split into 35 blunt, 40 frost and 20 spirit.

It offers stamina drain on enemies, which means you can blast through them and slow their attacks down.

And it’s got a better knockback of 120, versus 90 on the Porcupine.

You can make Frostner after killing Bonemass and finding the trader, requiring 10 Ancient Bark, 30 Silver, five Ymir Flesh and five Freeze Glands.

There’s also a hidden sword called the Drynwyn, which is currently only accessible through cheat commands.

It requires two Fine Wood, 20 Flametal, 20 Surtling Cores and 3 Leather Scraps.

It offers 55 slash damage, 30 fire damage and 20 Parry force.

Sadly, despite looking very cool, it’s unavailable in the game – and likely won’t be added until the Ashlands are released.

Best shield

When it comes to shields, you’ll want to dong a Black Metal Shield or Tower Shield.

The tower version has better block of 105, but no parry.

While the round shield has block of 90 and 60 parry.

In practice, we’ve found using round shields the better option – but parrying does require some skill to master.

The Draugr Fang bow is seriously impressive

Best two-hander

The best two-hander weapon seems to comfortably be the Blackmetal Atgeir.

It’s got a staggering damage of 105, albeit all pierce.

But where the Atgeir really shines is its special attack, which is a large AOE damage and knockback.

You can manage and quickly dispatch larger groups of enemies without needing to block – as you can’t wield a shield.

You’ll need 10 Fine Wood, five Linen Thread, and 30 Black Metal – only smeltable via the Blast Furnace after defeating the fourth boss, Moder.

Best bow

The best bow in the game right now is the Draugr Fang.

It’s easily distinguishable with its eerie green glow, and offers 52 damage – split into 47 pierce and five poison.

You can craft the Draugr Fang after defeating the third boss, Bonemass.

You’ll need 10 Ancient Bark, 20 Silver, two Deer Hide, and 10 Guck (obtained from climbing trees and mining green gloop in the Swamp biome).

Best arrows

The best arrow will really depend on your situation.

That’s because in late game, arrows have specialisms that will be better or worse depending on enemy resistances.

The best out-and-out arrows are Poison and Frost, both of which offer 78 damage.

Silver Arrows are also impressive, draining Spirit just like Frostner – with a slightly lower damage of 72.

You can loot or craft arrows.

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