Vulcan Forged guide: How to make money in the play-to-earn crypto game


BLOCKCHAIN games such as Vulcan Forged are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their latest play-to-earn (P2E) reward system.

Vulcan Forged offers gamers an immersive journey into the ancient world of mythology, where players can earn money by going to battles, exploring the map and upgrading their land.

Vulcan Forged takes players on a trip to a mythical land, where they can play to earn money

What is Vulcan Forged?

Vulcan Forged is a community-based blockchain gaming ecosystem which develops its own play-to-earn games.

So far, the project offers eight different games, with each one allowing players to win, sell and upgrade their in-game assets to earn cryptocurrency.

Vulcan Forged started in December 2020 and has massively grown since, as their native currency PYR reaching a peak of $45 in December 2021.

The developers incentivise third party game designers to contribute to the project by offering them financial and mechanical support to get started.

Vulcan Forged’s most popular game is VulcanVerse, where players can buy and upgrade land and earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The game is based on Greek and Roman mythology and its story is written by fantasy authors – promoting a true immersion into its fantasy world.

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How does Vulcan Forged work?

Vulcan Forged was initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but since has moved most of its features on Polygon.

PYR is the primary utility currency of Vulcan Forged and once won, it can be used across all games.

The token can be used for purchasing NFTs, staking in-game assets and upgrading land and NFTs.

As users buy and sell in the games, the marketplace collects fees from the transactions and puts them into a reward pool, from which staking participants can claim rewards.

As of January 2022, 1 PYR costs $11.38 (£8.41).

LAVA is the secondary utility token in Vulcan Forged.

It gets awarded to players who actively participate in the gameplay and engage with other users.

LAVA can be spent on a variety of things, such as upgrading land, Vulcanites (creatures accompanying you on your journey) and Gods, buying in-game items and entering tournaments.

It can also be sold on VulcanDEX – a decentralised platform dedicated to exchanging gaming tokens.

The primary assets that can be owned are Land, Vulcanites, Gods, and Items.

In VulcanVerse, the main objective is to own and upgrade land.

Land plots, each sized 20m x 20m and represented by NFTs, can be bought on the game-native marketplace and start at Level 1.

Players are able to move up the seven levels – reaching a higher rank unlocks new features, tools and collectibles in the game.

How to earn money in Vulcan Forged?

Vulcan Forged is designed to reward users at every step of the game.

Players can get LAVA by completing quests, upgrading land, participating in battles, befriending other users and even taking screenshots of their land.

They can also earn by holding PYR tokens in their Vulcan Forged marketplace wallet, as part of the LAVA Appreciation Program.

Holders earn daily rewards based on the amount of PYR tokens held.

The higher the level of land, the more players get awarded, allowing them to earn PYR and LAVA passively.

To start earning from your land in Vulcan Forged, you need to move up to at least Level two.

You do that by first sowing land – a one-time fee preparing the land to be upgraded.

Upgrading the land means staking PYR inside of it – the more PYR, the higher level the land reaches.

However, if PYR is removed from it, the land drops a level instantly.

Another way to earn in Vulcan Forged is to obtain, upgrade and sell in-game assets as NFTs.

These items also have levels, and retain them even when sold to another player.

And finally, players get rewarded from the monthly PYR reward pool – the more and better land you have, the higher the reward.

How to play Vulcan Forged?

The first thing players need before they venture into the world of Vulcan Forged, is a MyForge online account.

This allows users to view their wallets, access the marketplace, manage in-game items, and stake assets.

The MyForge wallet, co-developed by Venly, allows users to safely store their PYR, LAVA, companions and NFTs.

To sign up, you first need to create an account, with a unique username and email address.

Once your email address has been verified, you are asked to create a 4 digit PIN for securing marketplace transactions.

When the account has been set up, you are able to access your dashboard, wallet, assets, land, and choose a Vulcanite.

Vulcanites are pet companions who can be upgraded and transferred to any Vulcan Forged game.

They follow players throughout their journey on the map and assist them in battles, foraging and defence.

They can also be purchased or traded in the Marketplace, or sometimes won through competitions and quizzes, hosted on the Vulcan Forged social media accounts.

To get a Vulcanite, click on “My Companion” to be given one at Level 0.

Make sure to do your research and choose wisely, as this choice is permanent.

After completing your profile and choosing a Vulcanite companion, you are free to explore the games and all the marketplace offers.

Just be aware that although Vulcan Forged is one of the more sophisticated play-to-earn games, it still takes time to start earning money.

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