Warning for millions of Pokémon fans – game-breaking bugs still in Scarlet & Violet five months after launch


POKÉMON Scarlet and Violet were released just over five months ago, and players are still complaining of bugs.

While some game-breaking bugs have been fixed, a number of issues are still present in the game.

Trouble with raids has been a sore spot for fans.

Competitive modes used to be unplayable, as players could predict if every move would hit or not.

For casual players there were issues with the music, where people were stuck playing in silence, or worse, the music was on a three-second loop.

However, the main issues that players have had with the game remain unsolved after months of waiting and three large patches.

The game targets 30fps, but it rarely hits this and is unstable even at lower frame rates.

Weather effects, in particular rain, have a significant effect on the game, making it run incredibly slowly.

It still crashes constantly. Yesterday, as I was playing together, my game crashed twice as the screen froze during raids.

Raids are one of the most popular features of the latest games, but they have suffered from serious problems since the games launched.

While some issues, such as raid targets regaining health, have been fixed, far more remain to this day.

As mentioned, raids are prone to crashes. The games often freeze and prevent players from selecting a move.

Damage can often be calculated incorrectly, and Pokémon can do massively varying amounts of damage even when using the same moves.

Sometimes abilities or moves will simply do nothing, and raids can often be lost due to errors beyond the player’s control.

One of the worst bugs replaces the target of raids with an egg, which prevents players from catching some of the games’ rarest ‘mons.

The way Game Freak has handled this shows that it either has no intention to fix the issues, or that it doesn’t know how.

Instead of fixing the egg glitch, the company instead put out more raids without fixing the problem at the heart of the issue.

This is the same approach it used with another game-breaking bug.

When players were gliding across a map and hit an object there was a chance for them to go flying at a super fast speed and eventually crash the game.

Instead of fixing this issue, Game Freak limited gliding so that you can’t make adjustments to your height after you begin the glide.

This makes moving around the map far less enjoyable, as you often need to take a new route to get where you want to go.

It seems Game Freak would rather remove features with bugs, and make the games less enjoyable for players, than actually make the features work as intended.

Scarlet and Violet are some of the most enjoyable mainline Pokémon games the series has ever had, and players are desperate to play the developers’ vision for the games.

However, the issue with bugs cannot be ignored, as players dream that one day they will eventually be fixed.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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