Warning: Time is Running Out to Play These Top Xbox Games for Free!


Xbox Game Pass: Changes Coming Soon

Xbox has just announced some exciting changes to their subscription service this month. While they are adding 10 new games to Game Pass, that means saying goodbye to a few others.

Don't Miss Out on the Best Games of 2022

Usually, the games that are removed from the service are ones that aren't played as much and won't be missed. However, this time, some truly amazing games are leaving Xbox Game Pass, including one of the best games of 2022.

Only Two Weeks Left to Download and Play

All of the games listed below will be leaving the service on Thursday, August 31, 2023. So, subscribers have just two weeks left to download and enjoy these incredible titles.

Top Picks to Play Before They're Gone

Out of the six games leaving this month, there are a few that we highly recommend players to try out:

1. Immortality: This game was nominated for Game of the Year in 2022. Players will dive into the mystery surrounding missing actress Marissa Marcel by examining footage from three unreleased movies.

2. Nuclear Throne: With a perfect rating of 10/10 on Steam, this roguelike top-down shooter offers endless excitement as you navigate through dungeons, picking up power-ups and weapons.

3. Tinykin: If you're a fan of Pikmin, you'll love this game. Lead an army of Tinykin and conquer challenges, just like in Pikmin 4 (but without needing a Nintendo Switch).

Other Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass

In addition to the three top picks, the following games will also be departing the service:

– Black Desert (Cloud and console)
– Commandos 3 HD Remaster (Cloud, console, and PC)
– Surgeon Simulator 2 (Cloud, console, and PC)

Don't miss out on these incredible games! Make sure to download and play them before August 31.

This article was written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.