Warning to millions of Resident Evil fans – game makes upsetting changes two weeks after release


RESIDENT Evil fans have been shocked by a ‘predatory’ change that has been added into the game.

Two weeks after launch, Resident Evil 4 received a big update that added a new mode into the game.

Players are accusing the microtransactions of being pay-to-win.

The Mercenaries is a new unlockable mode that has added a new set of challenges into the Resident Evil 4 remake.

This mode was included into the original game, but was not available in the remake at launch.

Fans were promised that the new mode would arrive shortly after launch, and it was added just two weeks later.

However, alongside the new update something more unsavoury was added in. 

Microtransactions have been added into Resident Evil 4, despite the game retailing at full price.

Ranging from £2.49 up to £7.99, players can buy one, three, or five upgrade tickets for their weapons.

Weapons can be upgraded once they have been levelled up enough, which in your first playthrough is around Chapter 7.

However, these tickets will allow you to upgrade them from the start, making the more difficult levels of the game easier.

This deal would be attractive to those trying to Platinum the game who are unable to complete the harder difficulties with the best ranks.

Gamers have often felt negatively about microtransactions, calling them “pay-to-win” mechanics.

This is certainly true of the new Resident Evil 4 microtransactions that will make the game easier.

Other microtransactions were already available for the game that give Leon and Ashley new costumes.

However, people are more forgiving of cosmetic changes, compared to microtransactions that can improve your performance.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.