Warzone map update – Call of Duty season 3 to go LIVE tonight after Verdansk nuke event with more weapons to be added


CALL of Duty is about to embark on a brand new season – on Warzone AND Cold War.

Fans of the two games will have seen changes already begin when loading it up – not least the incredible scenes of Verdansk being wiped out with a nuclear bomb on Warzone.

And the online battle royale is expected to welcome a new map in the latest update as part of season three.

According to Call Of Duty’s Twitter account, Warzone’s Nuke event is set to take place across a wide range of times between April 21 and 22.

As for Cold War, the Battle Pass will reset with a load of cool new weapons, modes and more coming.

And the race will restart to level up to unlock characters, calling cards and CoD points.

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