Warzone Pacific map: Fans think they’ve found HIDDEN details in leaked Caldera image


CALL of Duty: Vanguard is bringing some big changes to Warzone, and fans are sure they’ve figured some of them out already.

Integration with Call of Duty: Warzone has always been on the cards for Vanguard, and will see a brand new map introduced to the game.

Warzone Pacific Caldera map image is being pored over by fans

Verdansk is on its way out, to be replaced by Caldera — a lush, leafy map set in the Pacific.

To mark the full integration, Warzone is getting rebranded as Warzone Pacific for the occasion.

While Activision hasn’t officially unveiled the new map, CCO Pelle Sjoenell tweeted out an image of a promotional jacket sent to influencers which features the map sewn into the lining.

Call of Duty Fans have been picking it apart since it hit Twitter, so let’s dive into everything they’ve spotted so far.

Warzone Pacific new POIs

As you’d expect with a brand new map, there are new points of interest (POIs):

  • Naval Shipyard
  • Ore Processing Docks
  • Beach Defenses
  • Submarine Base
  • City Capital
  • Fishing Village
  • Ancient Structure
  • Volcano
  • Taro Farms
  • Airport
  • Phosphor Mines

Activision has confirmed that the Caldera map will feature over 200 POIs but these are main areas labelled in the image.

Warzone Pacific topography

Looking at the map, it’s clear that verticality is a main feature of the design.

The dormant volcano sounds like it’ll take centre stage, and is described as ‘towering’ over the map, so that checks out.

The mountainous regions are offset by forests and ruin, so there should be a nice mix of cover and places for snipers to perch.

Not to mention the subterranean areas.

Caldera is shaping up to offer a map with something for everyone.

Warzone Pacific volcano eruption event

For those of us who aren’t geologists, a caldera is “a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses.”

The new map is called Caldera but Activision clearly states that if features “a dormant volcano that towers over the 200-plus points of interest.”

The volcano has yet to erupt, and the fact that it’s towering over anything means it’s not collapsed in on itself just yet.

In a Reddit discussion about the apparent absence of a caldera, some fans are speculating that the volcano erupting might be worked into the game somewhere down the line.

“The volcano could be used as a random world event that won’t necessarily happen all of the time, and if it does it could happen at any point of the round.

“Starts off as a volcano, event activates which causes the volcano to erupt thus creating a cataclysmic event on the map.”

As another redditor points out, if something like this is planned, it’ll likely be a season event with a cutscene.

Players would be deposited back onto the revised map which has been updated to reflect the aftermath — possible featuring a caldera.

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