Watch Dogs Legion gets HUGE £21 discount on PS5 – and is one of best-looking games on console


 PLAYSTATION owners can bag a brilliant deal on Watch Dogs Legion.

The hit game is discounted by a whopping £21 for Cyber Monday – if you’ve got a PS4 or PS5.

Save London from an oppressive private military using your hacking tools

Watch Dogs Legion is one of the latest and greatest games to grace the new console.

It’s got slick graphics, an engaging story and unique hacker-inspired gameplay.

You’d usually pay £59.99 for the new Ubisoft title, but it’s now down to just £38.99.

The new discount is available over at the official PlayStation Store:

  • Watch Dogs Legion (PS4/PS5) at PlayStation for £38.99 – buy here
Stealth, hacking, puzzle-solving and outright action – whatever you like, Watch Dogs Legion has it

Watch Dogs Legion is the third game in the Watch Dogs series, and came out on October 29.

But it’s also a launch title for the PS5, boasting incredible graphics.

Importantly, it features ray-tracing – a next-gen visual technique that accurately maps out how rays of light move.

This means you can have photorealistic lighting, reflection and shadows.

If you’ve not heard of Watch Dogs Legion, it’s an action-adventure game set in a dystopian future London.

You play as members of a hacker group called DedSec, which has been framed for a series of bombing.

And you’ll also do your best to wrest control of the city from a private military company that rules by force, fear and near-inescapable surveillance.

London has been stunningly remade in brilliant 4K for Watch Dogs Legion

Players recruit and control a wide range of hackers from all walks of life.

The game includes an open-world and very impressive recreation of central London, as far out as areas like Brixton and Camden.

You can hack smartphones and drones, undertake daring missions, or even just drive around listening to the radio.

It’s a brilliant game at full price, never mind the new discount.

But be quick: the offer ends on November 20 – that’s today!

  • Watch Dogs Legion (PS4/PS5) at PlayStation for £38.99 – buy here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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