Where to buy a new Xbox Series X for its lowest-ever price in the Black Friday sales


GAMERS should be rejoicing this Black Friday, as one of the hot game consoles of the generation is now at what might be its lowest-ever price.

Eager buyers might have already noticed that the Xbox Series S was available was for less than £200 – and now the Xbox Series X, the upgraded version of the system, will cost you less than ever before.

You can save money on Series X consoles now.

The Xbox Series X is built for gaming at high framerates and high resolutions, meaning you can get the most out of the latest 120hz OLED TVs. 

While the Series X would usually set buyers back at least £449.99, it is now available for just £429.99, with further discounts available if you add on a controller or an Xbox Game Pass subscription at Very.

This excellent bargain is available at Very and Smyths.

Black Friday Deals: Xbox Series X

  • Very – Xbox Series X Console – £429.99
  • Smyths – Xbox Series X Console – £429.99
  • Argos – Xbox Series X Console – £449.99
  • Currys – Xbox Series X Console – £449.99
  • Smyths – Xbox Series Controllers – £34.99

Very members regularly get discount codes sent in the mail – if you’re already a member, make sure to check your recent post to see if you can save even more money on this brilliant bargain.

If you’re not a Very member, you can still get the same deal from Smyths, securing a new console for just £429.99.

Meanwhile, Argos is still selling the console at full price, but does have some bundle deals available for buyers looking to get a headset with their new console.

Currys, however, doesn’t have any deals or bargains this Black Friday, while Amazon doesn’t have new systems currently in stock.

If you’re looking to buy a new controller for multiplayer gaming, Smyths still has the best deal available, selling controllers for just £34.99.

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Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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