Where to buy the cheapest and fastest PS5 SSDs – Black Friday 2022


IF you’re looking to upgrade your PS5 console or PC this Black Friday, then there’s no better place to start than an SSD hard drive.

Solid-state drives are faster than the average hard drive or SD card, and can hold much more memory. 

These are the cheapest and fastest SSDs for PS5.

If you’ve just got a PS5 console with our best PS5 bundle deals, or you’ve had one since launch, an M.2 drive will help massively as you install all of those PlayStation Plus titles.

PS5 consoles are compatible with a wide range of M.2 SSD drives, and a selection of desktop PC motherboards and laptops are also able to accept additional M.2 storage. 

If you’re buying for PC, please check if your system accepts M.2 drives first.

Cheapest SSD for PS5 and PC – Black Friday Deals

  • Amazon – 500GB Crucial P5 Plus – £54.99
  • Amazon – 1TB Crucial P5 Plus – £93.98
  • Amazon – 2TB Crucial P5 Plus – £160.99

This is generally considered to be the most affordable yet performant SSD, and should work fine with either your PS5 or PC.

500GB of storage is fairly affordable, costing less than a brand new PS5 game, but the price rises quickly.

Fastest SSD for PS5 and PC – Black Friday Deals

  • Western Digital – 1TB WD_BLACK SN850X – £89.99
  • Western Digital – 2TB WD_BLACK SN850X – £159.99
  • Western Digital – 4TB WD_BLACK SN850X – £655.99

The WD_BLACK SN850X is considered to be one of the fastest consumer drives on the market, and it’s perfect for PS5.

The 1TB drive is fairly costly, but the 2TB drive manages to be a lower price than the Crucial P5 Plus equivalent.

There is also a 4TB drive available, though it is incredibly pricey, and is not discounted.

Best PS5 SSD heatsink – Black Friday Deals

  • Amazon – QIVYNSRY M.2 Heatsink – £7.99

The SN850X SSDs do have the option of coming with a headsink for an extra cost, though you can save some money by buying a different heatsink, and this is our choice.

It’s incredibly affordable at just £7.99, and is guaranteed to fit within the tight confines of the PS5’s SSD compartment.

However, it is unlikely to fit inside laptops, and might not fit certain PC configurations.

Once you have an SSD you’ll be able to download more games.

If overheating is a concern for your PS5, an SSD heatsink is a natural choice, and this will save you some money when compared to other brands.

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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