Where to find diamonds in the Minecraft 1.18 update


Minecraft’s last big update overhauled the world height, and with more depth to play with, you’ll need to go even deeper to find diamonds and ore.

Minecraft‘s Caves and Cliffs update was split into two parts; last July’s 1.17 patch and November’s 1.18 patch.

Minecraft ore distribution comparison between updates 1.17 and 1.18

As well as bringing new blocks, items, and mobs to the game, Minecraft update 1.18 added large ore veins, and changed ore distribution to compensate for the increased world height.

And that means that if you’re after diamonds to make top tier weapons and armour, you’re going to have to change your tactics.

Minecraft 1.18 diamond level

Minecraft ore is found underground, so that’s anything below level zero.

Prior to the update, you had a fair chance of finding them on your subterranean travels, regardless of how deep you’d burrowed.

Since patch 1.18 rolled out, diamonds are still found at level -16 and below, but they’re more prevalent the further down you go, and more scarce closer to the surface.

Generally speaking, diamonds spawn between level -16 and and -64.

But if you want lots of diamonds — and fast — your best bet is to head to level -58 or -59.

This way, you’ll avoid the bedrock found on -60 to -64, which can slow your mining progress.

Tips for mining diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

As you’re going into the belly of the earth, there are a few things to look out for — lava, mobs, and taking a fatal fall.

Carrying a bucket of water should help deal with any pockets of lava you run into

When digging, keep the area small, to around two blocks wide, so you’re not teetering precariously in a giant chasm of your own making.

And to prevent mobs spawning, make sure your inventory is packed with torches so you can stick them on the walls and keep mobs at bay.

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