WWE 2K23: All wrestlers teased for upcoming DLC


WWE 2K23’s release date is fast approaching, and already 2K is teasing more wrestlers for upcoming DLC packs.

The Showdown streams have been slowly revealing new content, and this week DLC was teased.

The teaser image.

A QR code flashed on the screen briefly, and going to the link reveals a number of cryptic clues for upcoming additions.

Here’s everything we’ve decoded about WWE 2K23’s upcoming DLC wrestlers.

WWE 2K23: Main roster DLC wrestlers

A number of wrestlers re-signed with WWE too late to make the roster for the upcoming 2K game.

Luckily, the DLC has allowed developers to add these athletes into the game at a later date.

Here are the ones we spotted in the teaser.

  • Bray Wyatt
  • Luke Gallows
  • Karl Anderson
  • Mia Yim

Bray Wyatt is the name everyone’s been waiting for, symbolised by the white rabbit in the teaser.

Gallows and Anderson are known as “The OC” in WWE, and this can be found in the bottom left hand corner.

We think the owl on the left symbolises Mia Yim, although this one we’re not certain of.

WWE 2K23: Divas DLC

The Divas Championship belt was one of the more obvious clues in the teaser, suggesting we’ll see some stars from this era.

However, we could only pick out one wrestler in particular we know will be featured.

  • Eve Torres

WWE 2K23: NXT DLC wrestlers

NXT will make up the majority of DLC wrestlers as this developmental brand hopes to bring new talent to the scene.

These are the athletes we think are incoming:

  • Blair Davenport
  • Nathan Frazer
  • Trick Williams
  • Chase U
  • Wendy Choo
  • Schism
  • Tony D’Angelo
  • The Diamond Mine
  • Tiffany Straton

These wrestlers have all had prominent roles in NXT over the past year, although there are a few unexpected names. 

WWE 2K23: Legends DLC

We always expect a number of Legends in DLC packs, as the roster expands year on year.

Here’s every legend we found clues for:

  • Bad News Barrett
  • Harley Race
  • Luna Vachon
  • Carlito
  • DDP

Harley Race promoted wrestling from the 1950s until his passing in 2019. 

WWE 2K tends to focus on the 90s and later but older wrestlers are being added into the mix.

Carlito is a star of the 2000s that fans have been wanting for years, and it finally seems like it’s happening.

Written by Ryan Woodrow and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.