Xbox adds SECRET ‘Night Mode’ – how to unlock it today


YOUR Xbox now has a Night Mode that you can activate for after-dark gaming sessions.

It’s not part of the general Xbox release just yet – but there’s a trick to get this “secret” feature.

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The new system works across currently Xbox models

Night Mode is a brand new addition to Xbox, but the console isn’t the first to add it.

It’s a popular trend among apps and games, because it’s easier on the eyes in the dark.

There’s nothing worse than loading up an app on your phone, laptop or TV in bed, only to be assaulted by the bright glare of an all-white screen.

Many apps are now offering optional or mandatory Dark Mode settings to avoid this.

There are several different aspects to Xbox Night Mode.

For a start, you can switch to the Xbox’s system-wide Dark Mode.

And you can also set it to disable HDR when you activate Night Mode too.

There are a number of different light-dimming levels wrapped into the feature.

And you can also set the console to filter out blue light on your screen.

This is similar to the Night Shift feature on modern iPhone models.

You can also dim lights on your controller, and even turn off the light on your Xbox power button.

As part of the feature, you’ll be able to set up schedules so that Night Mode comes on automatically after dark.

But you could also manually activate it if you prefer.

How to get Xbox Night Mode

This feature looks likely to eventually make it to the general release version of Xbox software.

But for now, you’ll need to join the Xbox Insider program to get access to the new feature.

That’s because it’s still currently in testing, to make sure it works right before a wider roll-out.

To sign up on your Xbox, go to the Store on Home, or choose Store in the guide.

Then choose Search, type “insider” and then select the Xbox Insider Bundle.

Next choose Get or Install to download the Xbox Insider Hub.

This is where you get started with the Xbox Insider Program.

Activate Night Mode for those late-night Xbox sessions


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