Xbox fans are just realising you can give a friend Game Pass for free – here’s how


XBOX has introduced a new referral system which will allow subscribers to gift Game Pass.

The service will be at no cost to the current subscriber, and is a simple way to share Game Pass with friends.

If are not elligible if you have used Game Pass before.

For now, the referral programme only applies to those with PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Each Game Pass subscriber will be given five free PC Game Passes to give away to friends.

These are only trial passes and so they are only valid for a shorter period.

Each gift will let players try PC Game Pass for two weeks, which is shorter than the usual monthly subscription.

However, the person who receives the trial will be able to access all the benefits of a regular PC Game Pass subscriber.

This means they will have full access to the PC Game Pass library, and be able to download and play any game they want.

However, even if a game is downloaded to the user’s PC, they will not be able to play it after the Game Pass trial ends.

The one catch to the referral system is that you cannot gift a trial to someone who has purchased Game Pass previously.

This includes those who previously subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

In order to refer a friend, you need to go to the settings of your Microsoft account.

From here navigate to the ‘Account’ tab and select ‘Invite a Friend’.

Each subscriber will have five free trials that they can gift per year.

If they use all of their invites by January 1, then they will be given five new invites for that year.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.