Xbox One S All Digital still on sale at 129 on Cyber Monday Offer ends soon


THE Xbox One S All Digital Edition was one of the best bargains you could find on Black Friday, costing just 129, down from its RRP of 199.99.

But you’re running out of time to claim this offer if you were planning on picking it up as a Christmas present on Cyber Monday.

The Xbox One S is still available for 129 on Cyber Monday

Every retailer who has this Xbox One S deal is ending the sale tonight, so it’s probably the last time you’ll get a price this good before Christmas.

  • Xbox One S All Digital, 129 – buy here

The All Digital console doesn’t have a disc tray, so you’ll be downloading your games rather than buying the physical discs.

We reckon this is a great console to pair with Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to over 200 games that you can download onto your console.

Right now you can get three months of Game Pass for just 1 to see if you’re a fan.
If you like the service, you can keep it going for 7.99 a month.

  • Xbox Game Pass, three month subscription, 1 – buy here

The Xbox One S All Digital Edition is an upgrade over the original Xbox One.

It can upscale games to 4k (without providing a true 4k experience i.e. the detail in the imagery won’t be quite as good).

Nonetheless, it’ll provide high quality game-play, and unlike the standard Xbox One, the power transformer is built into the console, so there’s less cabling cluttering up your living room.

It’s cheaper than the comparative PS4, although you may be tempted over Sony’s console by its range of exclusive games.

If so, you can check out where to get the best deal on a PS4 on Cyber Monday here.

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