Xbox Party Chat down and gamers are SICK of it


PARTY Chat is currently down for Xbox gamers after issues that surfaced over the weekend still haven’t been resolved.

The Xbox status page is currently showing that both text and audio are experiencing an outage.

Xbox Party Chat is a convenient way for gamers to connect and talk with each other

So if you like to chat with friends while playing on your console, or want to fire off a quick DM, you can’t.

Issues with both were reported yesterday, and while Xbox acknowledged the problems on its Twitter account, it’s not been fixed yet.

“We’re aware some users may currently be experiencing difficulty creating and joining Parties, as well as accessing Sea of Thieves,” the account tweeted on Sunday.

The latest update doesn’t have any good news for gamers, with the Xbox Support account saying it’s “still investigating.”

While hiccups can happen, Party Chat being down has angered a portion of the community, and they’re not shy about letting Xbox know about it.

“Absolutely no excuse for party chat not working. Why is this a reoccurring issue?

“You’d think as a base feature of Xbox Live we wouldn’t have to worry about stupid sh*t like this,” complained one Twitter user in the thread.

It’s true that Xbox Live seems to struggle with outages, with one 2021 study (via Game Rant) showing that Xbox Live was down more often than PlayStation’s PSN service last year.

Xbox Live services went down 63 times in the 12-month data collection period, compared to PSN’s 49 times.

“Can’t make a functional chat client but you can buy Activision Blizzard?” sniped another, referencing the $70 billion deal Microsoft is trying to pull off with the Call of Duty maker.

“12 hours, yall are a multi-billion dollar company and it takes you 12 hours to fix this sh*t? If not more at this point,” tweeted someone else in disbelief.

“I am somehow unsurprised and astonished at the incompetence of this company. This is why so many people want ps5s man and why no scalpers are takin series s.”

There’s no indication of what’s causing the problems, and Xbox owners have no choice but to sit tight and wait for more updates.

Although some seem to think their vitriol will help things along, apparently.

You can follow the Xbox Support Twitter account and check the Xbox Live status page linked to in the story for more updates on when Party Chat is back.

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