Xbox Series X and S back in stock at in time for Christmas – how to bag one today


GAMERS hoping to bag an Xbox Series X or S in time for Christmas are in luck.

UK retailer still has a handful of the next-generation consoles available that will reach your doorstep in time for December 25.

UK retailer has the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in stock

Two (admittedly pricey) bundles on the gaming marketplace’s website are offering free next-day delivery.

They include an Xbox Series X console with a copy of racing simulator Forza Horizon 5 and a posh gaming chair.

That bundle comes in at £674.99, though you get plenty of bang for your buck.

An Xbox Series X retails for £450, while Forza Horizon 5 retails for £50.

A Playseat Challenge cockpit chair, which is also included in the bundle, comes in at £200.

That means the bundle saves you about £50 compared to buying each of the items in it individually.

The second bundle bags you an Xbox Series S with copies of Fortnite and Rocket League.

That comes in at a very reasonable £249.99, which is about the same as the price of a standalone Series S.

Both bundles are great options for anyone looking to get a last-minute Christmas gift for a gaming-mad loved one.

You can even have them delivered to your doorstep within a one-hour timeslot, leaving you plenty of time for wrapping before the big day.

Microsoft released two new consoles around the world on November 10, 2020.

The Xbox Series X is the pricier and more powerful of the two, coming in at £449/$499.

The Xbox Series S offers slightly lower specs and doesn’t come with a disc tray, but is priced significantly cheaper, at £249/$299.

The consoles are in high demand, with most retailers across the globe selling out within minutes of launching sales.

Both machines have seesawed in and out of stock since their release, often selling out too quickly for shoppers to get hold of one.

Gamers hoping to nab the £449/$499 PlayStation 5 – also launched last November – have experienced similar issues.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X worldwide in November 2020

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