You can buy a solid GOLD PS5 today – but you won’t believe the price


RUSSIAN luxury brand Caviar is back at it again with yet another gold plated PlayStation 5 for sale.

The company is notorious for blinging out tech products, from smartphones to consoles – and the price tags are eye-watering.

Caviar is revisiting the PS5 after previously releasing a gold PS5 with crocodile leather controller.

Caviar gold PS5 and DualSense embossed with ornate pattern
Caviar embossed DualSense with gold analogue sticks

Caviar gold embossed PS5 with brand badge

This iteration isn’t as expensive as the $500,000 (£359,000) model. In fact it’s a positive bargain with a price tag of just $352, 770 (£260, 370).

In return, you’ll get a very busy-looking console thanks to the embossed pattern, with 18K gold faceplates.

The black leather DualSense sports the same ornate pattern, and is kitted out with 18K gold analogue sticks.

The stand hasn’t been forgotten either, and is made up of natural ebony.

Of course, Caviar’s brand logo is splashed across the three components but if the garish pattern and ostentatious gold shell hasn’t put you off, I doubt that’ll be too much of an issue.

Just five of these PlayStation 5 Prime Gold models are for sale so you’d better remortgage the house now to get ahead of your fellow shopperw.

If the solid gold PS5 is just outside of your budget, you can always consider the gold plated PS5 instead.

Both the PS5 faceplates and DualSense analogue sticks are gold plated, but emblazoned with the same intricate design.

There are 99 of the PlayStation 5 Prime Goldplated model for sale, priced at $12, 750 (£9,401).

The consoles are part of the Prime Gold Collection which includes gold and gold plated iPad mini 6, AirPods Max, and iPhone 13 Pro.

All of which are insanely expensive, ugly, and available in limited quantities.

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