Zelda players shocked at Tears of the Kingdom’s massive map – here’s how to uncover it all


ZELDA: Tears of the Kingdom is far larger than Breath of the Wild.

While people were originally shocked by the size of BotW, somehow Nintendo made TotK so much bigger.

Tears of the Kingdom’s map is almost three times the size of Breath of the Wild.

The best way to navigate around the open world is to expand your map.

Here is everything you need to know about the regions and Skyview Towers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How many regions are there in Tears of the Kingdom?

There are 14 main regions of Hyrule in TotK, and these are the same as in BotW.

However, TotK expands on BotW’s map by including an underworld called The Depths, and new Sky Islands.

The map for the Sky Islands is revealed via the same towers that reveal the regional maps of Hyrule.

On the other hand, The Depths are unlocked via a separate system of Lightroots.

How to unlock regional maps in Tears of the Kingdom

The method of unlocking the map for different areas of the Hyrule and Sky Island map has changed from BotW.

BotW’s towers have been replaced by Skyview Towers.

In order to activate these, you will first complete a short puzzle before scanning your Purah Pad and updating your map.

You can then use these Skyview Towers to shoot up to the Sky Islands.

All towers in Tears of the Kingdom

As TotK is open world, there is no specific order in which you have to unlock the Skyview Towers.

The order in which you unlock the towers may be different to the list below.

Here is the full list of regions and the name of each tower:

  • Central Hyrule – Lookout Landing
  • Hyrule Ridge – Lindor’s Brow
  • Hyrule Field – Hyrule Field
  • Eldin – Eldin Canyon
  • Lanayru – Upland Zorana
  • Akkala – Ulri Mountain
  • Necluda Sahasra Slope
  • Faron – Popla Foothills
  • East Necluda – Rabella Wetlands
  • Gerudo Desert – Gerudo Canyon
  • Gerudo Highlands Gerudo Highlands
  • Hebra – Rospro Pass
  • Tabantha Tundra – Pikida Stonegrove
  • Great Hyrule Forest – Typhlo Ruins 

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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