Alfie Boe told Masked Singers Jason Manford he thought Hedgehogs singing was c**p before realising it was him


JASON Manford has revealed crooner Alfie Boe unknowingly mocked his singing voice while appearing on hit show The Masked Singer.

The funnyman, 38, finished runner-up in Saturday nights grand final – watched by nearly eight million viewers – where he was unmasked as Hedgehog.

Jason Manford has revealed pal Alfie Boe told him he thought Hedgehog’s singing was crap before realising it was him

Jason was unmasked as Hedgehog on Saturday night’s finale of The Masked Singer

But speaking on Sunday, Jason told how his pal Alfie made the dig after the 46-year-old crooner told him he kept being asked if he was Hedgehog.

The comedian explained: I rang Alfie and I said to him Have you been watching The Masked Singer? I keep getting people asking me if Im the Hedgehog.

He said Me too, so I watched it on Saturday night and said to myself Im not that crap at singing.

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, 34, won the competition as Queen Bee, with opera star Katherine Jenkins, 39, finishing third as Octopus.

Jason revealed that before going on the show he had to sign NDAs and he didn’t tell his kids it was him

Some fans also thought Hedgehog was Michael Ball (pictured with Jason and Alfie on Ball & Boe Back Together in 2017)

Jason described the intense levels secrecy he had to abide by while calling into his Absolute Radio show while on tour performing in musical, Curtains.

He said: I had sign NDAs, I didnt tell my children, I didnt tell anyone, I had to keep it hush hush.

It was like Mi5 stuff. I recorded it last September when I was rehearsing Curtains, which Im currently on tour with.

“They would pick me up, arrive to this hanger outside of London and 20 minutes out of the studio, you put on a hoodie which says Dont Speak To Me on the front – which Ive kept and Im having for the train – balaclava, gloves, visa and when you get there nobody spoke to you.

There was about four people in production who knew who you were. I didnt even know the other contestants.

Jason said he was given two costume choices and opted for Hedgehog, saying I didnt think the British public would take a tree to their hearts.

And he even tried to throw judges and viewers off the scent with his varied song choices, he added: “Even last night Michael Ball was trending at one point which Im sure he couldnt have been happy about.

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts won the competition as Queen Bee