Cringe moment Rita Ora’s Masked Singer guess is met with awkward silence by the audience


POP star Rita Ora had an uncomfortable moment on The Masked Singer’s series premiere when her guess was met with total silence.

Rita, 31, was confident in her idea that US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres had jetted to London to dress up as Lionfish to perform on the ITV show.

Rita Ora, 31, had a very awkward moment on The Masked Singer premiere

The third series of the wacky singing guessing game was back on ITV tonight with Joel Dommett once again hosting and asking, ‘Who is behind the Mask?’

Rita appeared alongside her The Masked Singer co-panellists,Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Mo Gilligan and they will desperately tried to match the voice to a celebrity.

The show sees famous faces go head to head to put on a standout music performance while their identities are kept a secret under some outrageous costumes, with nothing but cryptic clues to give hints as to who they are.

Lion Fish went up against Firework, with the exotic sea creature saying they were full of soul and partial to a cheesy joke.

Possibly a late starter in their career, they said they were gentle but able to defend themselves when necessary.

A powerful Nessum Dorma revealed a big voice with some fans guessing it might be comedian Jason Manford.

But the Black Widow singer had some other ideas though.

“I think you could be a woman,” Rita started.

“Those lips are a bit frowny, a bit like one of my favourite movies, Finding Nemo and Dory. And who plays Dory? Ellen DeGeneres.”

Following her guess, was complete silence from the full studio audience and her fellow panellists to the point some laughed at the awkward lack of response.

Host Joel Dommett hilariously broke the silence, saying “never before has an audience gone, ‘no’.”

Rita laughed at the gaffe before Jonathan gave his thoughts.

The Masked Singer series return saw six of the 12 celebrities perform including, Mushroom, Doughnuts, Chandelier, Firework, Robobunny and Lion Fish.

The panellists decided on sending Chandelier packing after landing in the bottom three with Mushroom and Firework.

Chendelier was revealed to be none other than iconic M People singer, Heather Smalls.

The 56-year-old disguised her voice while performing Patsy Cline’s Crazy.

She narrowly lost out to Firework and Mushroom in the judges vote and was the first star to remove her mask.

Mo Gilligan told her he was a massive fan and listened to her music every day, but he thought Heather was another performer on the night, Lion Fish.

Fans were gutted to see her go out so soon.

One wrote: “Absolutely gutted. #HeatherSmall a total #Legend. What a waste. Love her #maskedsinger.”

She was explaining which celebrity she thought was under the Lion Fish costume

Rita guessed Ellen DeGeneres because the comedian voiced Dory in Finding Nemo

Her guess was met with total silence in a cringe moment