Davina McCall, 55, reveals she has orgasms at a bizarre time of day


TELLY favourite Davina McCall has revealed she has orgasms in her sleep.

The Masked Singer judge, 55, confessed she had been left satisfied between the sheets simply by closing her eyes and drifting off.

The Masked Singer Judge, Davina McCall, has revealed she has orgasms in her sleep

She praised The Happy Vagina Book by activist Mika Simmons and said: “I’ve had an orgasm in my sleep — several. It’s great!”

“This book you can pick up, put down, you can read a page and there’s always something on it that’s very helpful.

“It’s about everything about women and their vaginas and fertility — everything from sex, there’s quite a lot about sex, types of orgasm.”

On her podcast Making The Cut with hairdresser boyfriend Michael Douglas, 48, she added: “There’s a core-gasm where an orgasm occurs while performing physical activity like abs exercises! Gym anyone?

“Shut up — can you imagine? If you think about it properly, I can totally see that!”

Last year, mum-of-three Davina reviewed sex toys for The Times and told readers: “I feel like we are on the cusp of a sexual revolution and that women are no longer embarrassed to be talking about sex.”