Denise Van Outen admits it took two people to get her into her Masked Singer outfit then she was polished


DENISE van Outen has revealed it took two assistants to get her into her Masked Singer outfit- with cleaners then having to polish it.

The TV star, 45, who was unmasked on Saturday’s show, complained that the flashy Fox costume was a struggle to wear.

Denise admitted it took two people to get her into her Masked Singer costume

Talking through the procedure, she told The Mirror: “Its really heavy. Id wiggle into it, theyd zip me into it then they had to polish it.

The star previously revealed she chose the costumebecause it meant it would be easier for her to move around onstage while performing.

She said: “I loved it. It made me feel like a secret spy.”

Denise kept her Masked Singer identity a secret from her family prior to the big reveal.

The flashy mirrored outfit wasn’t without its struggles

The TV star was unmasked as the Fox during Saturday’s show

Cleaners had to polish the mirrored suit

Her finance Eddie Boxshall was under the impression she was rehearsing for something else and didn’t notice the carrier-bag hiding her disguise to go to and from filming in the back of their wardrobe.

Revealing how she managed to keep her identity hidden, she said: “I never told a soul I was doing the show. My family, Eddie and Betsy, had no idea. It was fun keeping it to myself.

“The hardest part for me was not speaking. I knew half the TV crew from previous jobs!

“Id love to do the whole series over again. Its the most fun Ive had in ages.”

While her daughter Betsy was stunned after realising her mum was the Fox during Saturday’s show.

Denise shared her adorable reaction on Instagram as they watched the episode together.

The actress and television presenter was the first of two singers unveiled over the weekend on the ITV hit – and judge Davina McCall guessed her identity correctly.

She has since announced she is releasing a new album, just one day after her identity was revealed.