GMB star Charlotte Hawkins’s daughter ‘figures out’ she is The Masked Singer’s Harlequin


GOOD Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins has revealed how her daughter “worked out” she’s The Masked Singer’s Harlequin.

The 45-year-old TV host hinted that she could be behind the mask after some big clues linked her to the character.

GOOD Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins

Harlequin’s identity has been a subject of hot debate among fans, with names including singer Gabrielle and Beverly Knight thrown into the mix.

But GMB viewers seemed adamant that Charlotte was behind the mask after the latest set of clues, including one about “telling stories”.

Another clue suggested the celebrity was also “up before the sun for work”, suggesting it could be a newsreader.

Who is the Harlequin?

Fans of the breakfast show weren’t alone in their theory, as Charlotte’s own daughter Ella Rose predicted her mum was behind the mask.

Charlotte commented on the spin-off show The Masked Singer: Unmasked in a GMB clip: “I have been watching the Masked Signer with my five-year-old daughter.

“She is convinced that I am the Harlequin. She’s put the clues together, someone who gets up before the sun for work, someone who likes telling stories, whose words spread around the world.

“She looked at me when she heard that and she said, ‘Mummy!’”

Refusing to say whether or not she was involved with the show, se pulled a confused face and concluded: “Is it me?”

Harlequin will perform again on the show tonight, alongside the other remaining characters.

Charlotte isn’t the only TV presenter who’s presumed to be part of the latest series, as fans suggested that Stephen Mulhern could be Bush Baby.

In an appearance on Loose Women on Thursday, the ITV presenter was quizzed over the identity of the singing fluffy creature.

Stephen, 43, gave away clues that he could be behind the mask, admitting he had been questioned by many of his friends.

He told the Loosse Women panel: “There’s a lot of people texting me at the moment, a couple of them are trying to catch me out as well.”

Stephen detailed that many have already been calling him by the name of the character: “They go: ‘Hi Bush Baby’, expecting that I’m going to reply.

“It would be a shame if I gave it away so I can’t say yes, I can’t say no.”

The Masked Singer returns tonight (Saturday) at 7pm on ITV.