Jeremy Vine appears to accidentally reveal hes the Hedgehog on Masked Singer in show blunder but is it all a joke


THE identity of the hedgehog on The Masked Singer could have been revealed as Jeremy Vine by the man himself on his own talk show.

During the Talking Telly segment of his programme, Jeremy and co-host Storm Huntley began to discuss what viewers have to look forward to for their weekly dose of the ITV singing competition – and he let it slip to viewers that he’s the person behind the woodland creature costume.

Jeremy Vine appears to accidentally ‘reveal’ he’s the Hedgehog on Masked Singer in show blunder – but is it all a joke

The Scottish television presenter went on to explain that Queen B, Octopus, Fox, Monster and Hedgehog are all up for a double elimination this weekend and only three of the characters will make it to the final.

They then showed a clip of the Hedgehog performing one of Meat Loaf’s classic ballads – I’d Do Anything for Love – and towards the end of the clip Jeremy stated that he couldn’t wait to get out of that costume.

Without realising he was live on air, the 54-year-old said: “Tell you I can’t wait to get out of that costume.”

He then added: “We’re not on are we? We can’t put that out!”

Co-host Storm Huntley introduced the Talking Telly Segment – and had no idea that Jeremy had let slip he was the Hedgehog
A camera woman soon rushed on set to make sure that Jeremy didnt give anything else away

The Hedgehog has a chance of getting into the final this weekend if they survive the double elimination

A camera woman interrupted the two presenters during the blunder and said that they would have to cut it out and carry on as if it never happened.

However it’s extremely unlikely that Jeremy could make such a big blunder considering he presents live telly on a regular basis – although it begs the question: could he have genuinely made an accident and revealed the true identity of the woodland creature?

Eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter to discuss the blunder and couldn’t quite understand if it was on purpose or not.

One tweeted: “Did Jeremy vine just out himself for #TheMaskedSingeruk as the hedgehog hmmmm.”

Another said: “Jeremy vine has just said live on air he is hedgehog #maskedsingeruk #MaskedSinger.”

However some just weren’t convinced with his performance as one tweeted: “That was a good prank by Jeremy Vine @theJeremyVine He aint hedgehog #TheMaskedSingeruk.”
“Love Jeremy vine trying to pretend hes behind the hedgehog mask#jeremyvine,” another said.

Since the singing competition hit our screens at the start of the new year fans have gone crazy over it’s unique format which originated from the South Korean show The King of Mask Singer.

Could Jeremy be behind the woodland creature costume?

Viewers have been racking their brains to try and figure out who the celebrities are behind the costumes are as each week as the celebrities give more clues to help them.

The hedgehog has given clues such as: they are move active at night, they are more introverted than viewers think and they have even had a job which meant they died every night at 8.30pm.

Fans are convinced that the person behind the mask may beJason Manford and other suggestions include: Corrie star Kevin Kennedy,tenorRussell Watson and singerAlfie Boe.

The latest judges’ guesses includeMichael McIntyre, Jason Manford,Phillip Schofield,Brian McFaddenandShane Lynch.