Jonathan Ross daughter Honey wows in funky outfit as she makes catwalk debut during London Fashion Week


JONATHAN Ross daughter stole the show as she made her catwalk debut yesterday during London Fashion Week.

Honey Kinny Ross, 23, looked amazing as she strutted her stuff in a funky outfit designed by VIN + OMI.

Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey strutted her stuff on the catwalk on Friday

The bold look featured a latex pink dress with the word real emblazoned on it, while her hair was worn in huge candy floss pink pig tails.

Honey has become well known in her own right for being an activist, writer and advocate for body positivity.

She often poses completely nude on Instagram and speaks about being proud of her figure, which has led to her gaining a huge fan base.

Honey, whose mum is Jane Goldman, previously opened up about being in the limelight from a young age and being trolled for her figure.

The 23-year-old was walking for VIN + OMI during London Fashion Week
She looked amazing in a latex dress
Pictured here with dad Jonathan in 2015

She shared: Growing up in the public eye made me feel like my body was a problem to be solved.

With age and experience I have come to realise that my body was never the problem. The problem was much bigger than me and the space I took up in the world. The problem was in fact the attitudes that people hold towards bodies.

We live in the kind of world where I was body shamed by strangers on the internet at the age of 13, and was told the best thing to do would be to say nothing, crash diet and quietly hate myself. And I did and I did it well.

Honey is famed for discussing body positivity
She often poses in her swimwear or underwear on Instagram to make her point
Honey with her dad – TV star Jonathan Ross

And it nearly killed me. And even when I got to a weight that people considered socially acceptable, I looked in the mirror and I still hated myself.

She continued: And that’s when I realised it wasn’t ever going to be about what I looked like how you look means nothing when you can’t recognise or connect to what you feel like on the inside.

The only way forward is being kind to yourself kind to your body, kind to your mind.

Honey with mum Jane and Jonathan in 2016