Masked Dancer fans claim clues ‘gave away’ final three celebrities on the show


THE Masked Dancer fans are convinced that the easy clues have “given away” the final three celebrities – and NONE of them are British.

Viewers of the ITV competition – which sees masked celebs dance anonymously – are certain that a Hollywood star and an Italian professional dancer is in the grand finale.

The Masked Dancer fans think they’ve worked out who the finalists are
Fans think they have Onomatopoeia all sussed out
Sofa sleuths suggested Onomatopoeia is a huge US movie star Adam Garcia

After weeks of guessing, sofa sleuths suggested Onomatopoeia is a huge US movie star Adam Garcia.

Now, many more are convinced that Adam, 49, thanks to the comprehensive list of clues linking to his TV and film career.

“Onomatopoeia is Adam Garcia,” the Reddit user wrote. “Firstly, Onomatopoeia rhymes with Adam Garcia.”

“Start your day right, ‘Boiled Egg and Soldiers’ was an early morning show Adam presented back in 1996,” they continued.

“Two lies, one truth, ‘trained with superheroes’, he went to Knox Grammar in New South Wales and other alumni include Hugo Weaving and Hugh Jackman.”

Noting his tap dancing career, the fan added: “Bringing the noise – tap dance makes a lot of noise. ‘The sound of the crowd’, audiences as he’s first and foremost a dancer and live performer.”

They linked the science related clues in Onomatopoeia’s video take to Adam’s science degree, as well as a TV show he starred in: Einstein.

And while a red and white scarf is said to point towards him being “an Arsenal football fan”, Columbian coffee beans points towards his heritage thanks to his Columbian family.

“The car with the male symbol, is Riding in a car with Boys, a movie he did with Drew Barrymore, and the missing donkey, he was in Nativity 3 – Dude, Where’s my Donkey?” the Redditor added.

“Flashdance moves were similar to his moves in Coyote Ugly, plus he’s a judge on dance competitions.

While fans are convinced Pearly King could well be former Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli, with one person writing: “Pearly King:” and then sharing a snap of Bruno.

A big clue was given as Pearly King revealed their actual voice which threw fans off.

Another famous face fan think Pearly King could be Italian chef Gino D’Acampo.

Fans believe there was also a clue that it was Gino because of his link to winning I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Pearly King teased that he’d worked alongside someone with a “golden mane,” making viewers believe he was referring to Holly Willoughby.

Taking to social media to air their thoughts, one person penned: “Its Gino! He was King of the jungle #TheMaskedDancer.”

Another person added: “Yeah, I think Pearly King is Gino D’Acampo.”

Meanwhile, fans are convinced Scissors is American actress and Glee star Heather Morris.

Last week, judges Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse and Peter Crouch was treated to another clue when a box was unlocked and the number 45805 was inside.

The number was the postcode – which in the US is always a five-digit number – was for the town of Lima in Ohio.

Glee was set in a town called Lima, though in reality it was shot in Hollywood.

Fans seized on the hard-to-crack clue as evidence, with one writing: “Must be Heather Morris! 45805 takes you to Lima, Ohio!!!”

Another agreed: “Glee was set in Lima Ohio (zip code 45805) – so Scissors might be Heather Morris.”

Now it looks like fans were right as Glee star Heather Morris‘ Wikipedia page has been updated to say she is in the competition.

Scissors also claimed to have had more chart hits than music legend Elvis Presley, with fans pointing out the Glee cast did just that.

Elsewhere, Scissors used the phrase ‘New Directions’, the name of the glee club in the show, as well as referring to the ‘president’.

Series two of the popular dance show was filmed in May 2022, the same time Heather visited the UK.

The singer and dancer, 35, shared a series of tourist snaps in London – including a trip to Westminster Abbey and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – hinting that she was on the show.

Brittany was class president on the hit musical show, which aired on Channel 4 in the UK.

The Masked Dancer fans are convinced Glee star Heather Morris is Scissors
Scissors used the phrase ‘New Directions – the name of the glee club in the show
Viewers rushed to social media to say it’s a Strictly star behind Pearly King’s mask
Fans think Pearly King is former Strictly star Bruno Tonioli