Masked Dancer fans convinced Bake Off star is performing as Candlestick after four ‘clues’

Candlestick on the Masked Singer, ITV

MASKED Dancer fans are convinced they’ve worked out the identity of Candlestick.

The fiery character lit up the dance floor with a routine to Take That’s Relight My Fire.

Masked Dancer fans think they’ve sussed Candlestick’s identity
Could Bake-Off’s Liam Charles be the man behind the mask?

There was smooth hip movement and even bum shaking as the character gave it their all on top of a large table flanked by dancers.

Viewers didn’t pick up much from the routine, but the clues beforehand seemed a giveaway to some.

One said: “I’m convinced that Candlestick is Liam Charles because: 1) His voice 2) ‘I need to let you know I went via Tinseltown on the way to success’ = Paul Hollywood 3) ‘Kneed’ = Baking 4) ‘Might be an authority’ = Judge on Junior Bake Off.”

A second posted: “Catching up on #MaskedDancerUK & Candlestick is definitely Liam Charles.”

A third said: “The Mrs thinks #candlestick is Liam Charles off of the bake off shows… #MaskedDancerUK.”

The 25-year-old found fame as Bake Off contestant in 2017, finishing fifth.

He was a big hit with viewers and landed a presenting role on Bake Off: The Professionals the following year alongside comedian Tom Allen.

Another name in the frame is Saturday Night Fever actor Adam Garcia.

Australian actor Adam, 49 – who is also known for his tap dancing skills – also appeared in Kiss Me Kate and American TV competition Got to Dance.

Masked Dancer fans were left certain that Adam was behind the mask of Candlestick after spotting FIVE vital clues about the star’s identity.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Adam Garcia is the candlestick on The Masked Dancer, he said Wicked, there was a remix of George Sampson’s Singing in the rain.

“He went to Hollywood for Saturday Night Fever, he appeared in Afterlife of the Party – there were a bunch of threes.”

Adam was part of the original cast of Wicked in London, which opened in 2006, and later went on to perform Singing in the Rain as part of a tour in 2016.

The actor also had a role in Afterlife of the Party in 2021, as well as taking part in Got To Dance’s third season.

Olly Murs has also been tipped to be the character.

In a video introduction, Candlestick was seen wandering through a stately home as he said: “Here is where I hold court.”

Panellist Davina McCall wondered out loud: “Maybe he is something to do with a judge?”

Celebrity panellist Jonathan Ross also guessed his name after the performance thanks to something he said in his video.

“Am I worried? No, because I know what it is to lose but win,” Candlestick had boasted.

Jonathan said: “This is someone who’s a runner up or come second but has gone on to do better, and that’s happened quite a lot on The X Factor. Like Olly Murs. He didn’t win The X Factor, so it could be Olly up there.”

Actor Adam Garcia is also in the frame