Masked Dancer fans convinced Onomatopoeia is Inbetweeners star as they spot ‘clue’

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THE Masked Dancer fans are convinced Onomatopoeia is a much-loved TV star due to one telling “clue.”

Viewers of ITV‘s Saturday night series are convinced an Inbetweeners actor is behind the crazy costume.

The Masked Dancer fans are convinced they know the identity of colourful character Onomatopoeia
Fans think the ITV character’s introduction gave the game away

The colourful Onomatopoeia character, who sports blue spotted leggings and a series of buzz words splashed across its face, is all about words that are associated with sounds.

Wanting to generate a buzz, it could be a telly wordsmith like Countdown’s Susie Dent or songwriter MNEK.

In terms of clues, an Arsenal badge has been shown, as well as a science kit and the teaser: “A team of words.”

Yet Masked Dancer viewers are convinced actor Simon Bird fits the bill.

The Friday Night Dinner star played geek Will McKenzie in the long-running Inbetweeners series and movies.

Eagle-eyed viewers reckon Simon fits the bill perfectly after spotting an Ear On Legs Award trophy in the character’s opening VT – a gong they know Simon has.

One took to Twitter to write: “Onomatopoeia could be Simon Bird the ear award in the VT is the same one he won in Friday Night Dinner #MaskedDancerUK.”

A second added: “@MaskedSingerUK I’m convinced onomatopoeia is Simon Bird!! the ear trophy #themaskeddancer.”

One then celebrated: “Boom it’s Simon Bird #themaskeddancer.”

Simon’s role in Friday Night Dinner saw him bag the quirky ear-themed award after his character Adam Goodman wrote the music for a shaving foam commercial.

The series follows two brothers Adam and Jonny, who share their Friday night dinners at their parents home and, somehow, something always goes wrong.

The show is focused on the regular dinner experience of a British Jewish family on each Friday night.

With the gong’s unique style fans didn’t think anyone else could own it but him.

Meanwhile, despite Simon and his co-stars waving goodbye to the Inbetweeners series in 2014 after two smash-hit feature films, Joe Thomas has hinted the gang could reunite in the future.

He suggested there could be a series that show’s how they survive as grown adults.

Off-screen, Simon is the second of his Inbetweeners co-stars to become a dad after James Buckley became a father-of-two with model wife Clair Meek.

Telly fans reckon the man behind the mask is Simon Bird

He is best known for his role in sitcom The Inbetweeners

Yet fans think his ear trophy – seen here in Friday Night Dinner – is the key clue